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We’ve come up with a range of decent quality crash knobs specific for the smaller bikes and will fit straight on most of the bucket racers. The prices have been kept to a minimum (and mates rates/racer discounts are rampant)
Attached is a picture of the knobs, the full kit consists of -
Front axle sliders – made to fit the smaller diameter non-hollow axles
Bar ends – with a long mounting shaft so they WON’T tear out in a crash (not like the plastic champagne corks)
Footpegs – made out of solid Delrin (Acetal plastic) Wont mark the track, set of 4 - so you have 2 spare in your tool box.
Frame sliders to protect the tank and frame – with stainless steel mounting bolts
Rear axle pickup sliders – will protect the rear of the bike and used for the race stand.
Full price (inc GST) - $327 (LESS for racers, club members any club and mates rates)

Have a look at my website, Any questions just call me.

The website is
Big Knobs