Formula 4 and Formula 5 Road Racing
(Miniature Road Racing)
Bungbung (Ola)
The Official MNZ Rules
Click here to link to the MNZ PDF containing the Bucket rules
(You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the page.)
Chapter 24 deals with buckets, so scroll to page 27 of 34

It is strongly suggested that you read at least Chapter 24 and Chapter 10 and contact your event track organiser for info on any 'local rules'.

What is a Bucket? (The basics)
Buckets are commuter and non-competition bikes that are put on the race track and called F4 and F5.

Buckets have two engine capacity classes:
2 stroke 55-100cc
2 stroke 55-125cc air cooled
4 stroke 55-150cc
2 stroke 0-50cc
4 stroke 0-100cc air cooled

Engines must be derived from non-competition motorcycles.
Motocross, Road Racing, Enduro and Go Kart motors and transmission parts are not permitted. There shall be no restriction on the make, type or design of carburettor, ignition, exhaust, piston, cam, valve springs or cooling system except for class eligibility. All engines must be normally aspirated except F4 4 stroke engines of less than 100cc capacity, which may be turbo or supercharged. F4 2 stroke engines over 104cc are restricted to carburation equivalent to a single 24mm carburettor, F5 4 stroke engines over 53cc are restricted to carburation equivalent to a single 20mm carburettor.

Alcohol based fuel or fuel additives are prohibited.

Bikes must be silenced as per MNZ or local track rules (whichever is the lower level).

Bike Preparation

You will need some duct tape, tie wire or electrical zip ties.
Tyres must be up to W.O.F. standard or Race Slicks.
Mirrors need to be removed.
Handlebar ends need to be plugged.
Lights and indicators to be removed.
Side stands, passenger footrests and centre stands need to be taken off.
Sump and oil plugs MUST be lockwired.
Water ONLY in radiators unless MNZ approved.
Bring some tools to prepare your bike.
Allow enough time to do this at the track or do it the night before and trailer your motorbike to the track.
Remember to check tyre pressures, chain tension, oil and water levels, brake fluid levels, brake pads and bring fuel.

Buckets must have:
Plugged handlebars.
Folding or nylon footpegs (kart track racing only)
Anything that could mark the track must be nyloned over or bungs added to prevent them touching the track (kart track only). These must be very secure.
Wired sump and oil plugs.
Adequate front and rear brakes.
No broken clutch and brake levers .
Must remove side stands or wire them up and nylon protectors.
Must have secure attachments for all parts of the bike.
No dangerous attachments.
Have no excessive leakage from fuel caps.
Have all lights and mirrors removed.
A catch tank for any fluids that might leak or overflow such as crankcase or gearbox breathers, float bowls etc.

Riding gear you will need
A motorcycle helmet that is in good condition, we recommend a good clean visor, or goggles. MNZ standards 8-2-1 and should be no older than 10 years.
Leather boots, motocross or touring type will do. Must be full height, MNZ 8-1
Leather gloves.
Back protector.
Full racing or touring leathers or, leather jacket of motorcycle riding type (not dress type), leather motorcycle pants which zip to the jacket.

This is just a basic guide to give you an idea. A full list of rules is in the two PDF links in the MNZ rules section above. Be aware that your local group/club may have local rules to suit the track owners. Get in touch with them and go along to a couple of meetings to see what's required.

Points system used is usually the one laid out in MNZ rule book for Buckets.
Points are allocated for each race as follows:
1st: 20
2nd: 17
3rd: 15
4th: 13
5th: 11
6th: 10
7th: 9
8th: 8
9th: 7
10th: 6
11th: 5
12th: 5
13th: 5
14th: 5
15th: 5
All other finishers will receive 1 point.

MNZ Licence
At most tracks you need a MNZ race licence; these can be brought on the day at most race events for around $25 and a years licence will cost $125. This licence covers your ACC etc while on the track.

The Bucket List
This is a list put together by Malcolm McNabbs as a start point for those interested in which bikes are legal under the rules. It is not a complete list, but quite comprehensive.

The Bucket List

Pipe Calculator
Pipe Calculator. I hope you have read A. Graham Bell's book "Two Stroke Performance Tuning" otherwise you may not get far.

Wellington Bucket Numbers
This is an (almost) up-to-date list of the current race numbers used by local riders.