Formula 4 and Formula 5 Road Racing
(Miniature Road Racing)
Regan Griffiths and a GPR
2014/15 North Island Series Round 2 Report
The Second round of the 2014/15 North Island Series was a huge hit this weekend.
A-grade had 20 bikes lined up for the first start along the short and narrow, yet very technical circuit.
The track is true old-school with a basic kidney shape, plenty of banking and and incredible amount of grip.
Qualifying is all important on such a narrow track, with only 2 bikes per row.
Pole Went to Kelly Nicholson (38) on his very fast RS Framed KE125 Special, with Regan Griffiths (92) next to him on his trusty and ever-evolving GPR 150.
Nipping at their heels on the second row was Will Ford (52) on his fathers TF engined RS that he is running this season. And Regan's Brother Scott (11) on his GPR150.
Race 1
Regan upheld his reputation as a master of the race start, he nailed the launch to get ahead of Kelly in to turn one.
The pack thundered into the chaos of turn one with a few quick changes in position.
While charging Scott crashed out towards the end of the epic 270+ degree turn one.
In the lead Kelly was putting the pressure on Regan and one tiny glance behind was all it took for Kelly to pounce, he snatched the lead and managed to retain it for the win.
Race 2
The same battles were taking place all through the pack, Will was stuck to Kelly's tail as #38 nipped up running up the hill, Will just managed to avoid a tangle but lost some time and Scott and Ken Douglas (91) managed to sneak past.
This gave Regan a clear break and he cleared out.
Will kept at them and they diced right until the line for second place, with a few changes, they came over the line in a very tight pack, in the end Second
went to Scott, Third to Ken and Will got Fourth after looking back at just the wrong moment and letting Ken through over the line.
Race 3
With Kelly's bike out, Race 3 became a battle between Regan, Will, Scott and Ken.
Most of the race was in that order, Scott retired part way through, letting Ken in to 3rd.
Ken gradually slipped back with Regan in front and Will chasing hard for all of the 25 laps but Regan held him off and crossed the line in front.
The B grade races had some Hot Battles between John Steer (36) and Dave Griffiths (75 and 11). John spent all of race 2 and 3 trying every move he could to get past Dave but Dave held him off well and managed to finish in front both times.
A similar battle was taking place further back in the back with Steve Bennett (42) trying to get past Terrene Gibson (18), Terrene managing to just hold him off right until the photo finish, with Terrene in front.
With a growing interest in pit-bikes in Auckland, plus James (88) bringing his Rockstar pitty up from Wellington there were enough pit-bikes to create a separate class.
This was a hit with both the riders and spectators, who enjoyed the close and loose racing taking place.
Mike Spiller (X) Was initially worried about his own race-craft but proved it is coming along just fine with a master move on two bikes very deep in to turn one, that one move really got the crowd cheering with fellow racers and a few locals joining it to cheer him on through the rest of the race.
Running a dedicated pit bike class seemed to work very well with exciting racing and good crowd interest.
Thanks to all the organisers who made this fantastic weekend possible.

Mylaps Results: here

Right click on the photos below to view full size.

Buckets invited!
Hi All

The Southern Classic Festival is drawing near and if you haven't put your entry in as yet, do it now or else you will be missing out on a fantastic race weekend and seeing an amazing range of classic bikes.

We are expecting the following bikes to be on display (some still to be confirmed)

-Hugh Anderson - 1962 Manx Norton - we are expecting him to be there in person.
-The Big Velo, New Zealands most successful racing motorbike (15 National titles) and the only original dog kennel works 500 in the world.
-The Eldee2 special- this machine is fresh back from the Classic TT Isle of man races 2014 where -Bill Swallow made an 82mph lap, the fastest 250 Velo around the mountain course ever.
-Spyda's - Post classic sidecar and Plastic Fantastic sister bike
-Lyndsey Williamson - Black Adder
and a lot of others.

Please send in your entry ASAP. The closing date for the program is 19/11/2014 so you have a few days left.
The entry forms can be found here.
We are still quite short of the earlier bikes so please make an effort to come.

Battle of the Buckets 2014
The Date has been set for this years Battle of the Buckets

18th October
B track Ruapuna

No one ever complains about not enough racing on the day , few man up and enter every race available.

Bring whatever bikes you have to maximise your racing day, pre 63, 72, 82, 89, RG150's, Ninjas, farm bikes, anything so long as it complies with normal racing rules.

Get your nylon track protection from Graleys!
Graley Plastic Supplies
Address: 71 Sydney St, Petone 5012
Phone:04-570 0993

They have an off-cut bin which is perfect for Moto4 bikes.
They are happy to help us so do your best to support them!

Wellington Bucket Dates
Kaitoke is generally third Sunday of the month. See for dates.

Formula Four Grand Prix
By Malcolm Nabbs

The Formula Four Grand Prix was held on track two at the Taupo Motorsport Park over the weekend of the 24th and 25th of March this year.
This wonít mean a lot to the average racing enthusiast who isnít involved or interested in the ďBucket RacingĒ scene. However, the build-up was incredibly intense for those of us afflicted with the sickness brought on by the cheap racing thrills we get from thrashing these tiddlers around the nearest convenient track or other tarmac surface.
'Buckets' has rules that cater for both two and four stroke engines, naturally, a rivalry between those passionate about two-strokes and those that like to ride their bikes without them blowing up has developed.
Recent history has seen domination of the GP by the stalwart of the class, the Suzuki FXR150.
The huge promise shown by some massively high horsepower two strokes (it is relative!) has been shattered year after year at the GP with mechanical failure.
The two-stroke has recently clawed back some respect with incredible performances from Avalon Biddle in the North Island series. Avalon has blown fast FXR's into the weeds on Kart tracks with her E.S.E. built Suzuki GP125 engined RS125. At Tokoroa she lapped the entire field, including 2 times GP winner Andrew Adlam on his fast FXR.
Adding to the chances of two stroke win was very able Dave Manuell astride Mike Greens 30hp MB 100 engined FZR250 and capable, if unlucky, Kelly Nicholson aboard Rob Willis' 30hp GP 125 engined FZR 250.
Yes, thatís right, 30 horsepower at the wheel out of old commuter two-strokes!
Adlam was another favourite to take the GP win; he's won it convincingly with a hat-trick of wins to date. Even he must be worried about the looming threat of the rocketship two strokes.
Down south, on the long tracks, the CBR150 has been steadily eating into the niche that FXR's have been comfortably occupying since they became popular.
Nick Cain along with Alistair and James Hoogenboezem are the ones to beat on the Mainland, all running CBR's they are National Championship level riders on very rapid bikes.
Other riders that had a good chance of doing well were veteran rivals Dave Diprose and Dave Trustrum. They have been trying to out-score each other with F5 wins for the last couple of decades; their rivalry in the F4 class is no weaker. Both run RS125 based fast two-strokes.
Nathanael Diprose, son of Dave, has previously set some of the fastest lap-times in the GP but has been struck with bad luck in keeping it together for the full distance.
The two-stroke vs. four-stroke showdown took a huge swing in favour of the diesels before the starting lights even lit up. Manuell, Biddle, Trustrum and Nicolson all suffered mechanical failures before the start of the main event. Surely an embarrassing set-back for the long promised return of two-stroke glory.
Still, the Diprose lads and 2008 GP winner Rick Ford were still on the grid with a good chance of keeping face for the blue smoke brigade.
The starting grid was sparse compared to the entry list with a heavy rate of attrition, hardly surprising given the level of stress put on such small engines in this kind of competition coupled with the budgetary constraints of most entrants.
Business time, the talk is over as the lights go out.
Nick Cain got a great start from pole position. Andrew Adlam cut a swathe through the field from last place, he was mid-pack by turn one.
Nathanael Diprose was another who made huge gains, from tenth on the grid he had slotted his way into third place by the end of the first lap.
Lap 2 saw Nathanael nudge into the lead with Cain hot on his heels, Cain soon managed to regain the lead but it was tenuous with Diprose making him work very hard for the position. James Hoogenboezem and Andrew Adlam were not far behind. Lap 9 saw Nathanael muscle back into the lead with a blistering best lap of 1:22:744, a new lap record.
Lap 11 saw disaster strike for Nathanael as he dropped it in the transition from turn two to turn three. Nick Cain wasnít far behind and soon took the lead, the new top three being Cain, James Hoogenboezem and Andrew Adlam.
The gap between the top three gradually widened over the rest of the race, there was a slight tightening of the gap towards the end but James and Adlam had no real answer for Cainís superb form.
Nick Cain now has the well deserved right to wear the number one plate. The FXR has been knocked from the perch it has been comfortable on for a good few years and may have met its match in the form of the CBR150. Or, next year will the two-stroke finally have its much anticipated revival?
This write up should probably end there but I simply canít end it without mentioning the brilliant performances from the 5th placed Regan Griffiths and the 8th placed Tyler Lincoln.
Regan was piloting an FXR powered bucket with a custom built steel trellis frame, built by Griffiths Engineering in Palmerston North. The frame has Honda RS125 cycle parts attached and was out for its maiden event at the GP. Finishing a 30 minute race on a virtually un-tested prototype is noteworthy, placing 5th in the face of such stern competition is superb.
Tyler Lincoln looked unbelievably smooth and consistent as he brought home an almost bone stock FXR150 to 8th place. The bike has different gearing and a larger carb, despite the low state of tune he spent a lot of the race clawing for track space in a heated battle with Auckland based Gavin Veltmeyer and Christchurchís Matthew Hoogenboezem. This incredible paint-rubbing performance ended with Matthew Hoogenboezem in 6th, Veltmeyer 7th and Lincoln 8th. There was less than 2 tenths of a second between them as they crossed the line!
The other phenomenon that must be mentioned is that of laptimes.
The 2009 F4 Grand Prix was won on track 2 at Taupo with a best Laptime of around 1.29.
The best lap time of 2012 by Nathanael Diprose at 1.22.744 really shows how much the competition in the class has grown over the last few years. So, while lots of other motorsports disciples are scaling back and reducing their budget, the class that is normally associated with being budget is showing top levels of commitment, ingenuity and sheer riding ability.
Long may it continue!

North Island Series Round 3 Results
Saturdays weather wasn't the best. I think a few were surprized at the amount of grip on the track once it was soaked.
I would like thank those that helped so much to make the two days run so well. Hels was a big help as Chief Flag Marshal. Malcolm, Nigel and others for sorting the points etc.
And to the racers. Without you guys the racing wouldn't have been the same!

Here are all the recorded results for the North Island Series Round 3. If you believe something isn't right - let me know. Updated 18-10-2011.

Some pictures are in the Gallery - all by Daryl New.

Thank you all!

Photos from the Kaitoke Enduro by Vortex Photography
Vortex Photography

Vortex Photography

King of Kaitoke Final Photos
I was at Kaitoke in the weekend taking photos. They can be found on my website

Vortex Photography

TSS Red Barron Final Round Review.
Well the riders sure turned on a memorable day too bad the weather forgot to play its part with a nice fine day, that didn't stop 23 starters 10 in Maidstone Yamaha A grade and 13 in Motorad B grade racing hard in what can be said the wettest day I have ever had the pleasure of racing in, at one stage there was rivers flowing down the track that you could drown in, but all up the racing was wicked.

MAIDSTONE YAMAHA A grade sore Andrew Adlam (1NZ) take the day with a (1-2-1) which left him 3rd in the overall championship with (174 points) passing Craig Sullivan (6th-133 points) Adrian Mitchell (5th-148 points) and Richard Ban (4th-165 points) Second on the day with (2-1-2) sees Fishie (Stephen Coombes) take 1st over all with (277 points) and a good solid ride on slicks in the pouring rain sees Caleb Adlam retain his 2nd overall in the championship, will done mate you had some pressure on you for sure, a good effort

MOTORAD B grade was once again a mixed bag with the championship leader failing to show which opened the way for George Vaculik-Hamilton to start his title chase, but there was other plans for George today as he made it hard on himself from the get go with an off in the first race while leading getting back on to finish 7th. With a 3rd and a 2nd in the last two races was enough to claim the title with (195 points) six clear of 2nd place Mark Hodson (189 points) James Patrick had another good day taking his 1st win in race one following that up with a 5th and a 4th to take 3rd overall with (182 points). 4th overall in the championship was Ben Oxnam with (149 points) a good solid ride with (5-3-5). Trudi Manning slipped something into her husbands Nigel Manning's breakfast on Sunday morning because boy he was flying in the wet weather taking his maiden win in race two, Nigel finished a credible 5th overall with (145 points) putting on a (2-1-4) for the day. I don't know if the smile has gone from the face of young Cameron Page but he deserves to keep it there for a while yet with a grand display of riding for the Stokes Valley teenager not only running on slicks he was 4th in race one, backs that up with 2nd in race two and goes all the way to take his maiden win in race three finishing the day 1st = with Nigel Manning and moves himself up to 12th overall for the championship. Cameron was lucky enough to claim the new HJC helmet that was given away by MOTORAD

TSS RED BARON KING OF KAITOKE CUP was won by Fishie with (277) 2nd Craig Sullivan (213) 3rd Andrew Adlam (211) 4th George Vaculik-Hamilton (195) 5th Mark Hodson (189)

MOTOMART ROOKIE OF THE YEAR was won by James Patrick (182) points 2nd Ben Oxnam (149) 3rd Dale Hoarse (119)



Full results see attachment

Thanks for your support over the past months its been fun racing, Please get out there and support the bike shops above, if you're in there buying stuff remember to say you're a Bucket racer and you enjoyed their input into the series and thank them for their support. The more they hear from us as riders the more they will support us in next year's series, so get out there and get spending.


NEXT MONTH same time same bat channel see you at the track on Sunday 17 July

Final round King of Kaitoke this Sunday (19 June)
The final round of the TSS RED BARON KING OF KAITOKE is this Sunday.
See item below for more details.

TSS Red Baron King of Kaitoke
This weekend the 15th of May marks the final round of the TSS RED BARON KING OF KAITOKE Bucket racing series for F4 and F5 formula machines at the home of Bucket bike racing, Kartsport Wellington, State Highway 2, Upper Hutt. Over the last four months we have seen a total of 115 competitors battle it out over 24 races with the final 6 races being raced on Sunday.

Stephen Coombes has wrapped up the MAIDSTONE YAMAHA A grade with (223) points, 64 points clear of the pack. So the stage is set for the battle for second and third with the young teenager Caleb Adlam (159), seasoned racers Craig Sullivan (133), Richard Ban (128) and Andrew Adlam (120). The racing should be good.

Mark Hodson has a clear lead in the MOTORAD B grade with (189), a 35 point gap to the chasing pack of George Vaculik Hamilton (154), James Patrick (138) and Dale Hoarse (119). The racing in this grade has been great with a field of 20 plus riders per round.

Things are a bit tighter for the TSS RED BARON KING OF KAITOKE CUP with three riders in the hunt for the major honors and the title of KING OF KAITOKE. Stephen Coombes leads the chase on (223), Craig Sullivan chasing hard on (213) and Mark Hodson (189). Anything could happen here.

MOTOMART Rookie of the Year has been hotting up over the last four months with the final showdown this weekend. Jamie Patrick leads the way on the thundering mini motard with (138) points. Chasing hard are Dale Hoarse (119), Ben Oxnam (112) and Rob Mitchell (110). Only one can claim the prize money and the title. Which one will it be?

Come along and watch the battle unfold while enjoying hot coffee and fine food at the trackside cafť. Racing starts at 9am, 15th May, Kartsport Wellington, State Highway 2, Upper Hutt. See you there.

Stephen Coombes
Race organizer

North Island Round at Kaitoke
Yep, another two day Bucket Meet at the best North Island track!

October 8 and 9 2011 - mark your calendar.

This is an MNZ event. Get your shit sorted. Day Licences will be available.
Costs are $30 per day for entry and DL $15.

Twenty six keen men( 9 A grade 17 B grade) battled it out in far from prefect weather today as the rain gods played its part in the opening races with a bit of rain for the lads to compete with in race one. Race two there was a drying line appearing not good four a few lads having wets going off but that paid off big time in the B grade race. The final points race of the day was on a clean dry track with all bikes on slicks.

Nine rides lined up for the three points racers today with the grid back to almost full

Race 1
With the welcome return of 1nz Andrew Adlam after six weeks in a cast the weather wasn't welcoming you back with open arms. Rain fell hard in the race with a battle all race long with (1) Adlam and (31) Fishie going down to the last lap with three passes in the last two corners 3rd was (49) Hamish Murphy (7) Caleb Adlam (45) Richard Ban

Race 2
With a drying track and most of the riders on wets it was a interesting race with (1) Adlam getting the holeshot and keeping it to the end (31) Fishie (45)Ban ((49) Murphy (76) Adrian Mitchell

Race 3
Dry track and slicks yeaha race 3 was under way with a clean pair of heels by (1) Adlam chased hard by (31) Fishie (49) Murphy (76) Mitchell (77) Steve Halliday

With 17 starters for today's racing it was by far the biggest field with some ups and downs for most riders with I think the most downs went to Nick Henry (11) hitting the ground today about four times. Poor Richard Hayes only making it 120 mtrs before sending himself to the A&E department, hope its ok mate? and lots more come to grief

Race 1
Was all George (37) and the mighty CAR followed home by (88) James Patrick on the thundering Motrad and (43) Peter Reynolds on the stock FXR a New comer to the sport riding a borrowed bike WELL DONE that man (76) Rob Mitchell

Race 2
Wet and drying track was served up for race 2 with (41) Max Olsen taking his first win of the series with a dominant ride crossing the line half the track in front of the pack which was lead by (37) George (88) Patrick (113) Dale Hoarse (76) Mitchell

Race 3
Dry track at last and second race in a row we have (41) Max Olsen crossing the line again chased home by series leader (77) Mark Hodson (88) Patrick (30) Ben Oxnam (76) Mitchell

Thanks All and we well see you next week at the Easter Meeting or if not Round Five next Month


Kaitoke round three
What a fantastic day of racing today, weather good track nice food and good racing.

Maidstone Yamaha A Grade
With Andrew Adlam still out with a broken thumb and Rich Ban overseas. We still had a good turn out with nine riders taking the track for battle. It was nice to see Hamish Murphy back on the track after smashing his wrist in round one in Feb. Practice got under way well until the mighty Loncin dropped a valve and locked up mid corner throwing me off nicely. Thanks to TEAM ADLAM for the use of the spare bike as racing got under way. Good battles were had all race long with Fishie taking (1-1-1) Caleb Adlam (3-2-2)Craig Sullivan (2-3-3) and Hamish Murphy(4-5-4) See full results attached

Motorad B Grade
Wow, 22 lined up for the days racing with all but one not able to ride as Paul Banks little Rx 100 didn't want to be ridden today. The rest of the field had a blinder with some good racing to be had all though the pack. Race wins today were shared between the point leader Mark Hodson (1-2-3) George Vaculik-Hamilton (2-1-2) and Ben Oxnam (4-3-1) with round one points leader Chris Beames returning from the Bay to record (3-5-4). Dale Hoarse was flying on the little Suzuki 100 (6-4-5) Craig Sullivan gave some new life to the little RG 50 to place (5-6-6) see full results attached

We had 4 new faces show up to race today welcome to Nick Olson (42), Regan Boyle (78), Rod Richardson (8) and young Cameron Page(100)

Remember the Easter two day meeting next month. The trackside cafe is open for both days and of course round 4 of the TSS RED BARON KING OF KAITOKE on 17 April.

If you need parts or workshop services please see one of our sponsors:


Thanks Fishie (aka)
Stephen Coombes

Easter Two Day Meet - Kaitoke
The annual two day Easter Bucket Meet will be happening this year too (hence the annual bit).
Mark the dates in your calendar. Er, that'll be the Saturday 23 April and Sunday 24 April.

This is an MNZ event. Get your shit sorted. Day Licences will be available.
Costs are $30 per day entry and DL $15.

The Cafe will be open. Bring money for food (good shit too) and drinks.

Programme is sorted:
Turn up about 8am.
Sign on and bike check.
Race until you can't race no more. Mixed grades. Odd stuff.


Turn up about 9am
Race until you can't race no more. Mixed grades. Odd stuff.

So the costs are:

If you enter and have an MNZ affiliated club membership and a competition licence it's $30 per day.
If you enter and have an MNZ affiliated club membership but no competition licence it's $30 per day plus plus a one off of $15 extra for the Day Licence.
If you enter and don't have an MNZ affiliated club membership it's $30 per day plus a one off of $35 extra for the Day Licence and Vic Club membership.

Kaitoke Round Two!
This meeting is a 12 noon start. That's right - a twilight meeting!

Pacific Club Series and North Island Series Results
Hi All,

Thanks for a great years racing activities.

North Island Series finished as follows...

Tim Fraser 132
Tyler Firn 103
Rick Ford 100
Max Lyver 69
Henk Zeeven 61
Stephen Coombes 60
Detler Specht 59.5
Simon Robson 53.5
Tex Deller 50
Damien Toman 50

Pacific Mini Road Race Series 2010 as follows...
Tyler Firn 422
Peter Robson 313
Max Lyver 259
GrantNicholson 245
Steve Bennett 241
Detler Specht 231
Grant Hayes 187.5
Blair Robson 184.5
Simon Robson 184
Chris Beames 164.5

Coming in 2011 we have the following races planned..

North Island Series
5th/6th March, Taumarunui
2nd/3rd or 9th/10th April, Tokoroa (exact date TBC)
1st/2nd October, Kaitoke (thanks to Vic and the Wellington Bucketeers)
19th November, Mt Wellington (in conjuction with the 2 hour Race meeting)
3rd/4th December, Roys Hill FINAL ROUND


Our club rounds will be announced shortly.


Steve Bennett

MiniRoadRace Coordinator
Club President
Pacific Motorcycle Club
PO Box 510
06 856 6030
022 616 2363

TSS Red Baron - King of Kaitoke
Wellington - Kaitoke: F4 and F5 Bucket Racing Series 2011

Round 1 Jan 16
Round 2 Feb 20
Round 3 March 20
Round 4 April 17
Round 5 May 15

Maidstone Yamaha A Grade: Under 45 sec per lap
Motorad B Grade: Over 45 sec per lap
Rules as per MNZ regs for F4/F5

$35 Per Round Kartsport Members
$45 Per Round Non Members


One practice and 5 rounds of racing
Points taken from race 2/3/4 per meeting

Prizes for:
Maidstone Yamaha King of Kaitoke A Grade
Motorad Wellington King of Kaitoke B Grade
Motomart Rookie Of The Year
Richards M/C Most Improved New Comer
Scooterazzi Best Presented Bucket
TSS Red Baron Most Points Overall

Supported By:
TSS Red Baron Motorcycles
Maidstone Yamaha
Motorad Wellington
Richards Motorcycles
Wynns Wellington
Please support these bike shops as they support us

King of Ruapuna: 9th Oct 2010: Buckets and Street-stocks
Youtube video

After atrocious weather all day, the Buckets and Streetstocks finally found some dry track. For the uninitiated, the Streetstocks are primarily the screaming 2-strokes (RGV150s), while the Buckets are primarily the throaty four-strokes (many FXR150s).
That's John Woodley (No. 62 in light blue), still leading the way after a successful international and GP career back in the 1970's.